• time management

    I can purchase your house as a Buyer. This allows a quicker sale of your house – usually within 30 to 45 days.

  • optimization

    Allows you to get your asking price or close to it.

  • Economic

    Allows you to maximize cash profit from the sale.

  • enrichment

    Allows you to significantly reduce your selling costs – no listing/realtor fees.

  • house lock

    No showings – No one going through your house during the week and no open houses on weekends.

  • accessibility

    Allows you to name the date when you want to close.

  • network-hub

    The closing takes place at a title company office.

  • standard

    All documents have been approved by FAR and are current under Florida law.

  • deal

    The title stays in your name until you are paid in full at the closing.

  • easy

    No more repairs, upkeep, or tenant responsibilities.

  • Piggy-bank

    No more utility payments.

  • freedom

    No more property tax, insurance, or mortgage payments (if any).

  • flexibility

    No more expenses and headaches.

  • hand-gesture

    The title company can mail the closing documents to you if you are out of state.


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