How It Works

Step No 01

Share Your Home's Story

WHAT IS YOUR NEED? Do you need an appraisal?  Thinking of selling? Need property management? Need to refinance?  Have a problem property?

Step No 02

We'll Schedule a Visit To Your Home

This visit allows us to evaluate the current As Is condition of your home. All it takes is a half hour or so. Our standard practice is to take notes and photographs of the interior and exterior to help us in our evaluation.

Step No 03

We'll Present An Offer Or Possibly Multiple Offers To You

After consulting with you about your situation and after reviewing the condition and any other factors, we will provide a number of options for you to consider such as price, removable of any items, flexible closing date, etc.

Step No 04

Assess & Choose Your Preferred Option

Then after you have considered the options presented, we can further consult with you if needed or if you have decided, we can proceed accordingly. We won't try to "sell" you anything.  All we can do is offer help and advice and you decide where we go from there.

Step No 05

E-sign All Documents From Anywhere

We can meet in person to take care of the paperwork.  Or if you are out of town, we can email the documents to you.  We us DocuSign, an approved way to sign and send documents via email.

Final Step

The Closing

We work with a local title company on a regular basis and they will handle all the paperwork for us.  Our goal is to help bring your situation to a conclusion so you can move on with your life and have peace of mind.