Lynne Walder


I connected with Philip regarding a probate administration I was handling that had 3 income producing properties as part of the assets of the estates.  The properties were in bad condition and because I reached out to Philip, he immediately visited the properties and made very reasonable as-is offers and closed quickly with no delays on his part.  It was a relief to have sold these properties and allowed me to move forward with the probate administration.

Philip was responsive, timely and always followed through.

Robin A

Clearwater, FL

Philip scheduled me the same week I contacted him. He arrived promptly. The appraisal was completed in 3 business days: was thorough; and accurately reflected the FMV of the home, which informed our decision to sale or keep the home.

Elizabeth F

Clearwater, FL

Phil was very thorough, arrived at the exact time he was expected and I received my appraisal on the day it was promised.

Jac S

Gulfport, FL

Phil was very responsive to our immediate needs and did a very professional job for the appraisal. Jac Smith Keller Williams Luxury St Petersburg, Fl

Lynda L

Tarpon Springs, FL

Very professional, arrived on time and was thorough. Appraisal was completed on time as promised.

Sandra K

Seminole, FL

Phil arrived at the scheduled time and performed the required tasks professionally. He documented each comment with photographic evidence. We were impressed with how thoroughly he approached the appraisal of the property.

Dana N

Saint Petersburg, FL

Phil was very thorough and timely with his appraisal review.

Ed T

Saint Petersburg, FL

Phil arrived at the exact appointment time and I received my appraisal a day before I was told I would get it. I appreciate the timeliness and professionalism

Marie P

Saint Petersburg, FL

Philip was great. very professional and knew what he was doing. very happy with him. would use him again.

Jeniffer B

Saint Petersburg, FL

Philip was prompt and thorough. He was also able to get the appraisal report done in a short amount of time for me since I had a time crunch!

Kevin R

Tampa, FL


Jay W

Sarasota, FL

Did a great job

Tom B

Clearwater, FL

Phil was very professional in his approach to the job at hand. The results were informative and timely. I would recommend him.